Patient Bathing

by Richard Cordero
(San Dimas Ca 91773)

Hello, and Thank you, If you could guide me ,
(I need help in sharing this research)
I felt I should advise you of a product that we have been
working on, it is not on the market and is still in test trails. It
addresses patient hygiene and their comfort,
I have a new solution to patient Hygiene. It is a bathing sheet
that is used on the patients bed to provide an adequate
Horizontal shower. it's uniqueness is that is has no hard
structure and it designed was overseen by nurses that bath
patients as part of their daily routine. The sheet is disposable
and comes in a universal size and 5 models to fit patients
varied size. The support accessories are a specialized cart
that contains a low voltage shower delivery system, that can
easily dispenses soapy water rinse water and water with
additives for the final rinse. it is low cost and disposable.
Eliminating most of the concerns regarding patient care. Please
contact me so I can go into further detail. We have been
researching this for over 6 years and have addressed : safety,
convenience, cross-contamination, ease of implementation,
and patient's acceptance to this procedure.
Rich Cordero
California based telephone number

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