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If you wish to further explore the topics outlined on this site, I have listed a few medical references and reading materials that may interest you. If you find a reference that you think I should add to this page, please let me know by submitting an entry or even a book review if you like on the “Comments” Page.

Another page on this site is dedicated to medical diagnostic and treatment references that I have found to be helpful in my day-to-day care of patients. However, below is a list of medical references more related to the art and humanitarian aspects of patient care and advocacy.

(You will also find medical references at the bottoms of many of the pages on this site which relate to the specific topic of the article on each page.)

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Kittleson, Michelle, Mastering the Art of Patient Care

Blackall, Simms and Green, Breaking the Cycle: How to Turn Conflict Into Collaboration When You and Your Patients Disagree

Harpham, Wendy, Only 10 Seconds to Care - Help and Hope for Busy Clinicians

Knope, Steven D., Concierge Medicine, Praeger Publishers, 2008.

LaCombe, Michael A., Editor, On Being a Doctor, 1994 ( Also, new, subsequent versions are now available – On Being a Doctor 2 and On Being a Doctor 3).

LaCombe, Michael A., and Laine, Christine, The Last Half Hour of the Day: An Anthology of Stories and Essays That Have Inspired Physicians

Lown, Bernard, The Lost Art of Healing – Practicing Compassion in Medicine, 1999

Silverman, Mark E., Murray,T. Jock, and Bryan, Charles S., The Quotable Osler, American College of Physicians, 2008

Stern, Thomas L., House Calls, 2000

Watts, David, Bedside Manners, 2005

Zaslove, Marshall O., The Successful Physician, 1998

Love Your Patients! Improving Patient Satisfaction with Essential Behaviors That Enrich the Lives of Patients and Professionals (adlink) by Scott Louis Diering

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√ AOPC Books on Bedside Manner and Professionalism


The Hippocratic Oath - For your review: The Hippocratic Oath - the original and the modern versions - upon which the principles of medicine and patient care are founded.


The Schwartz Center - an organization based in Boston, Mass. associated with the promotion of compassionate healthcare and better relationships between patients and medical professionals.

Health Directorymoz - A large healthcare professional internet directory with links to multiple medical websites.

MHealth News - The Voice of Mobile Health Care.

Health on the Net Foundation - "The Health On the Net Foundation (HON) promotes and guides the deployment of useful and reliable online health information, and its appropriate and efficient use..."

American College of Physicians ( – The primary national organization for Internal Medicine. The website contains multiple articles and resources on medical ethics and professionalism, time management, effective patient interviews and patient communication techniques.

Narrative Medicine - dedicated to Columbia University's unique Narrative Medicine Program which integrates the use of literature and composition to assist in teaching humanitarian skills to medical students.

Medical Humanities ( - A great resource for all those interested in the study and application of humanities, social sciences and the arts to improve medical education and practice.

National Physicians Alliance ( - An organization focusing on returning medicine to its core values of service, integrity and advocacy.

MD Mag - A great resource for health care professionals listing multiple professional websites and blogs.

KevinMD Medical Blog - One of the best medical blogs containing physician commentary about breaking medical news and our dysfunctional medical system.

Bedside Manifesto - An excellent blog and book by Jeff Kane, MD on restoring humanity to healthcare.

Jerome Blackman, MD, a great friend and psychoanalytic resource who has been very encouraging to me in the development of this site. His latest book, entitled Get the Diagnosis Right: Assessment and Treatment Selection for Mental Disorders, which I have had the opportunity to preview, is acclaimed by many scholars as an excellent textbook providing great organization and insight into psychiatric diagnosis in a format that is easy to understand - Much better than DSM IV.

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Communication and Conflict: Sharing insights from the practice of Mediation - a process designed to promote effective communication and conflict resolution.

Blog Catalog: Medicine - A Blog directory with many listings for medical as well as other types of blogs.

A Hearty Blog - A wonderful blog full of articles about patient care, ethics and medico-legal information mostly from the Nursing perspective.

Health Care Web Site Development - If you are interested in health care web site development or starting your own blog, this may be helpful.

e-HealthLinks - A large healthcare directory containing many categories of medical references and health related information.

Natural Remedies - Natural remedies are made at home from natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Natural remedies are catching a lot of attention due to its very nature of cure, natural and simple.

eHealth Directory EU eHealth Directory EU

Health and Medicine Directory

Health Echo - A health directory for health care providers and health- related businesses.

Hospitals - A member of the American Hospital Association dedicated to providing information and news about hospitals and other topics related to the medical field.

MDLinx - MDLinx connects healthcare professionals and patients to tomorrow’s medical research article knowledge and provides the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries with highly targeted interactive marketing, education, content, and medical research solutions. is another excellent directory for finding both professional and consumer health and medical related websites...


The Sinus Doctor - This is a referral clinic in Houston that specializes in nasal and sinus problems. The website is very informative and contains multiple articles about various types of sinus disorders and recommended treatments.

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